Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what we want, or what our goal is. We might be frustrated with some aspect of our lives (e.g., work, relationships, health), but we might have trouble articulating how exactly we want our lives to be different.

If you find yourself in this kind of situation, it might be helpful to ask yourself the miracle question.

Here’s how it works: Think about an area of your life that you want to make a change. Maybe you want a better job that gives you a sense of meaning and purpose. Perhaps you are struggling in your relationship with your spouse or children. Maybe you are struggling with anxiety or depression. Perhaps you have a bad habit that is ruining your life.

Do you have the problem in mind?

Now imagine this: You go to bed tonight and fall asleep. You wake up the next morning and you realized that something very strange has happened. A miracle happened overnight, and you realize that the thing you have been struggling with all these years—is cured. Not just part of the way better, but completely cured. It’s exactly how you wished it would be. The struggle is over, the problem is solved, and you start your day with this new reality.

Spend some time thinking and journaling about how this first day would look after the miracle occurred. What kinds of things do you do? What kinds of things do you not do? What kinds of things do you think about? What kinds of things are erased from your thoughts? How do you feel? How do you engage with others whom you encounter during your day?

After you spend some time journaling about this first day, spend some time thinking and reflecting on this experience. What was it like to imagine that the miracle had occurred? Did it seem crazy? Impossible? What was it like to imagine how your day would be? Was it difficult or easy? Finally, did this exercise give you any clues about how you want your life to be different? Did the exercise give you any ideas about the types of things you might want to do, think about, or feel, in order to have the life you really want?

Discussion: What was the miracle question exercise like for you? Did it help you to clarify your wants and goals?


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