A Little About Me

I am a firm believer in the power of speaking to inspire healing, growth, and positive change. I love sharing my story and helping others grow. When speaking, I use my background and experience as a professor and licensed clinical psychologist to communicate wisdom that is accessible and easy to apply to one’s life.


My Most Requested Speaking Topics

Below I list my most requested speaking topics. I am also happy to tailor my speaking topics to the needs of your group. If you don’t see a topic here that works for your event, email me at and we will work on this together. Here are my most requested topics:


  • The Healing Cycle: How to Experience Healing and Growth in Small Groups: I believe that healing and growth best happens in the context of relationship. Small groups can be an especially important avenue to experience healing and growth. However, many small groups struggle to go deep, instead tending to stay on the surface and discuss content. In this presentation, I discuss a method that will help your small groups to go deeper and experience greater levels of healing and growth.
  • Developing Cultural Humility and Openness Toward Others who are Different: Often counselors and other helpers struggle to connect with individuals who are culturally different from them. In this presentation, I discuss the importance of cultural humility when connecting with others who are culturally different. I also discuss strategies for cultivating cultural humility in one’s life.
  • Bringing Psychology and Christianity Together: I am a psychologist. I am a Christian. For years, I struggled with fitting those two parts of my identity together. In this presentation, I discuss a vision for how psychology and Christianity can fit together. I also discuss several areas of conflict between psychology and Christianity, and I offer steps toward resolving this conflict.
  • Christianity and Social Justice: Christians sometimes struggle with the idea of social justice. In this presentation, I discuss two issues that I believe characterize the struggle that Christians experience with social justice issues. I then present a Christian case for social justice, and discuss strategies for resolving conflicts between faith and social justice issues.


“Dr. Joshua Hook was a central piece to our Leadership Development conference.  His presentation was lively and thoughtful; as a result, it produced an engaged environment for Human Performance leaders.”

Candice Reece
Human Resources Director
National Association of Adventist Healthcare Human Resources

“What makes Josh a great speaker is his ability to share scientific insights and spiritual wisdom with authenticity.”

Jamie D. Aten, PhD
Founder & Executive Director,
Humanitarian Disaster Institute
Wheaton College

“Josh was an invited speaker at an interdisciplinary summer seminar I helped direct. His presentations were clear, engaging, and extremely useful. Our conversations with him continue to bear fruit in the participant’s research.”

Kevin Timpe, PhD
Department of Philosophy
Calvin College


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