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Solve problems. Clarify values. Live on purpose.

Joshua Hook (Ph.D.) is a Professor and Psychologist. He is the author of Cultural Humility and Helping Groups Heal. He uses psychology to help you solve problems, clarify values, and live on purpose. He lives in Dallas, Texas.

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Latest Books

Cultural Humility helps therapists to combine multicultural theory with their own lived experience to meaningfully engage diverse clients.

Helping Groups Heal enables small group leaders to develop the skills necessary to help their members experience healing and growth.

What is the research evidence for Christian therapies? Evidence-Based Practices brings together research and practice for Christian counselors.

The Handbook of Humility brings together authors from psychology as well as other fields to address what we know and don’t know about humility.

Recent Blog Posts

Who is My Neighbor?

Who is My Neighbor?

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the Good Samaritan. If you haven’t heard it before, Jesus is talking with another religious leader about what you need to do to inherit eternal life. Jesus asks the guy what he thinks. What Should We Do? The religious leader...

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The #1 Key to Make Progress on Your Fitness

The #1 Key to Make Progress on Your Fitness

Almost every day on social media, I see someone touting the greatest new workout program or diet plan. Every post usually has 2 components. First, they have someone advertising the plan who is absolutely jacked. Although it is usually not explicitly stated, the...

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