I was having dinner with a friend awhile back, and he asked me whether I thought God still speaks to us today.

My friend was struggling. He had been praying and wanted God to encourage him and speak to him. But he felt like God was silent and far away.

When he asked his question, my immediate thought was, “Yes, of course! God definitely still speaks to us today.” But when I thought about the question some more, I could understand why my friend was struggling.

God Speaking in the Bible

In the Bible, we read all these amazing stories about how God speaks to his followers. For example, at church we were studying the book of Jonah, and discussing how God gave Jonah a direct message to deliver to the people of Ninevah.

God Speaking in My Own Life?

As I thought about my own life, I realized I hadn’t ever received a message like that. At least not an audible one.

I remember one time when I was younger; I was struggling with an important life decision. I think it was about a girl. I said to my dad, “Dad, I just wish God would give me an answer like they did in the Bible. I wish he would just give me writing on the wall!”

My dad responded that the “writing on the wall” only happened once in the Bible. And right afterwards the guy died.


Even though I haven’t received an audible message from God, I do believe that God speaks to me. I’ll give you two examples from a trip I took a few summers ago in Guatemala.

Be More Intentional

I was helping lead our church’s college mission trip. A couple of days into the trip, I felt like God was telling me to be more intentional in my conversations and relationships with the students. So I began to ask them deeper questions about how they were doing and what their stories were. There were times I felt like God was telling me to pray for someone. And so I did.

Appreciate Each Person’s Uniqueness

Another thing that happened was I felt like God was telling me to appreciate how everyone on the trip was unique and different. I felt like God wanted me to notice and encourage each person on the trip about how God had created them in a unique and awesome way. So I tried to notice and tell people when I noticed something cool about them. We organized an “award ceremony” to acknowledge each person for something cool they brought to the group.

Was It Actually God?

It’s possible that it wasn’t God speaking to me, and it was just my own thoughts popping into my head. It’s impossible for me to know for sure. But I’d like to think it was God.


What do you think? Do you think God still speaks to us today? How do you notice God speaking to you in your everyday life? What do you do when God seems silent?


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