My uncle, Keith Nord, is a former NFL football player for the Minnesota Vikings. After he retired from football, he worked as a motivational speaker. Currently, he’s battling Stage 4 cancer. His old special teams coach visited him the other day. He said that Keith wasn’t the biggest kid out there, or the fastest, but he was smart and worked the hardest EVERYDAY. In honor of Keith, here is his list of 10 things that require zero talent:

10 Things That Require Zero Talent

  1. Being on time. Everyone can be on time. It simply requires the discipline to get up early enough to make your commitment. Also, it’s a good idea to give yourself some extra buffer in case things happen like traffic.
  2. Work ethic. Always be the hardest worker in the room. Arrive early and leave late. Be disciplined and tackle your growth edges.
  3. Effort. Don’t half-ass your work. Give 100% effort every day. Bring your full self to each activity you engage in.
  4. Body language. Have good posture. Stand up straight. Don’t slump in your chair. When listening to someone, sit squarely and lean in. Make eye contact. Show people you are interested in them with your body language.
  5. Energy. Be upbeat. Get moving and get things moving. Make sure you get enough sleep and your nutrition is on point, so you can maintain your energy throughout the day.
  6. Attitude. Have a positive attitude. Don’t complain. When tough things happen, don’t get down. Instead, look at them as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  7. Passion. Develop a love for what you do. Delve deep into your job. Find the fire within you, and let it drive you forward. Think “Eye of the Tiger” from the Rocky movies.
  8. Being coachable. Be humble. Don’t think you know everything already. Be open to correction and feedback. Strive to learn something new every day.
  9. Doing extra. The average worker tries to meet the standard set for them. If you want to stand out, go above and beyond and do extra. When you complete a task, make sure it has the “WOW” factor.
  10. Being prepared. Make sure you are ready for your day. Prepare ahead of time. Do your homework. Don’t show up for meetings without knowing your stuff.

Discussion: Which of these 10 things could you implement in your life today?


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