How Women Just Might Save the Church

If you explore the factors that differentiate successful societies from unsuccessful societies, one issue consistently rises to the top: the education of women. Successful societies educate their women. Unsuccessful societies don’t. You see this across the board. A society can’t survive or thrive when they only tap into half their …

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Why I Changed My Mind About Women Pastors

When I was growing up in the church, I thought that women shouldn’t be pastors. I didn’t see a lot of examples of female pastors in the churches I attended growing up, and I thought the Bible was pretty clear on this matter. For example, in Paul’s letter to Timothy, …

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Why I Still Read the Bible

The Bible isn’t very popular these days. It seems like every week someone brings up (a) the contradictions between the Bible and science, (b) the contradictions among various Bible passages with each other, and (c) how religious people have used passages in the Bible to fuel religious conflict and prejudice …

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