The Need to Be Right

We often have a strong need to be right. In the current political season, you see this all the time. Liberals and conservatives fight like cats and dogs, passionately arguing the ‘rightness’ of their positions. Turn on a cable news program, and you see political pundits on both sides of …

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Authority and Passing the Moral Buck

There are several ways to make decisions about right vs. wrong. For example, some people consider whether a behavior caused harm to someone else. Others think about whether an action was fair. Still others consider how a behavior affects one’s group, or whether the action destroys something that is considered …

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How Do You Make Moral Decisions About Right and Wrong?

How do you make decisions about what’s right vs. what’s wrong? How do you determine what is good and what is bad? I think this is important to think about, because I think differences in how we determine what is right/wrong or good/bad is an important reason why we are …

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