Thoughts, Prayers, AND Gun Control

Following the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, many people shared that their thoughts and prayers were with the victims of the shooting and their families. On one hand, I believe thoughts and prayers are important. I know that when I’m going through a difficult time, it helps to know that …

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100% Responsible (No More and No Less)

I’m reading a great book by Jim Dethmer called Conscious Leadership. One of the big take-home messages is the importance of being 100% responsible for your life. No more and no less. If we are less than 100% responsible for our lives, we blame others for what happens to us. …

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10 Parts of a Good Apology

There’s nothing worse than a bad apology. I experienced a bad apology the other day. The apartment where I live has been having problems with the fire alarms. Occasionally, they just go off for no apparent reason. They can’t seem to figure out what the problem is. Generally the day …

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