When Struggling, Shift From Negative to Realistic

Nowadays, people are really focused on thinking positively. We’re encouraged to practice gratitude, be optimistic, and shift our negative thinking to positive thinking. We are told that if you just think positively, positive things will happen to you. Ignore the negative; focus on the positive. The Problem with Positive Thinking …

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How to Choose a Counselor: 4 Key Questions

I’m a big fan of counseling. Whether you are dealing with a major psychological problem, or just want some help working on some personal issues, meeting with a professional counselor can be a great way to get the help you need. I’ve had a lot of experience with counseling over …

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Religion, The Church, and Sexual Abuse

I just finished reading another article about a sexual abuse scandal in the church. It was difficult to read. There were stories about church leaders who (a) covered up sexual abuse, (b) pressured victims and their families to forgive the abusers and not go to the authorities, and (c) shamed …

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