4 Steps to Change Anything in Your Life

If you want to change or improve something about your life, the key is to actually do something different. You can reflect on your thoughts and feelings all day long, but until you actually change something in your actual behavior, you are likely to stay stuck. But change can be …

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3 Keys for Preventing a Church Split

Historically, Christians haven’t been good at working out their differences in community. Instead, the more common scenario is that a church or denomination disagrees over a particular issue, people pick sides, and the church or denomination splits. I think we could do a much better job of working out our …

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Is There Anything Different About Christianity?

Is Christianity any different from other religions? There are certainly quite a few similarities across many of the world religions. Many of the values that I believe are core to Christianity and the teachings of Jesus, such as love and justice, are also advocated by other faith groups. So is …

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