Exploring Different Kinds of Unhappiness

I don’t like to be unhappy. When I start to feel sad or frustrated, my tendency is to do something to make myself feel differently. I might try to avoid the thing that is causing my discomfort, or do something to distract myself. Sometimes these strategies to escape unhappiness can …

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Integration of the Shadow

This blog post is Part 3 in a 4-part blog series on Integrated Faith. (If you missed the first blog post, you can find it here.) In this blog series, we are taking a look at aspects of our spiritual lives that might be out of step or disconnected with …

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The Wisdom of Yoda

The newest Star Wars movie comes out this weekend, and to get myself back up to speed, I re-watched the original Star Wars trilogy. My favorite movie from the original trilogy is ‘The Empire Strikes Back.’ One of my favorite parts from that movie is the scene where Yoda trains …

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