Christians, Charlottesville, and Enabling Racism

Christians bear responsibility for enabling the racism in Charlottesville. Racism is part of us. It is deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of the United States. Racism is part of me. It is something I have to fight against every day. Racism may be part of you, although it might be …

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God’s Heart for Mission

This blog post is Part 2 in a 14-part blog series on discovering and living your mission. (If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.) Finding and living out our mission isn’t just something we do because it makes our lives more meaningful—it is deeply important to the …

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Jesus, Rules, and the Heart of the Matter

Rules are an important part of any well-functioning society. We follow rules every day. For example, when driving, we follow the rules of the road. We can’t steal things that aren’t ours, or punch someone in the face. There are consequences if you break a rule. For example, you might …

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