How to Address the NFL Protests with Humility

Starting with Colin Kapernick last season, NFL players have protested unjust treatment toward African Americans and other persons of color by kneeling during the national anthem. Irrespective of your position on these protests, this is an issue that brings up strong feelings on all sides. President Trump and NFL Protests …

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Humble vs. Self-Righteous Religion

Religion can be healthy or unhealthy. One key factor differentiating the two is the extent to which religion promotes humility or self-righteousness. In other words, does religion help me focus on myself, and how great I am, or does religion help me focus on loving and serving others and God? …

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The Tradition I Wish Christianity Would Borrow From Judaism

I think my favorite aspect of the Jewish faith has to do with how they deal with theological disagreement and debate. Namely, theological disagreement and debate are preserved in the sacred writings and traditions of the Jewish faith, rather than rejected. There is less pressure to find the “right” view. …

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