Sex, Maddi Runkles, and Throwing the First Stone

Maddi Runkles is an 18-year-old senior at Heritage Academy, which is a private Christian school in Hagerstown, Maryland. In January, she found out she was pregnant. The school requires all students to sign a pledge saying that they will adhere to a religious code of conduct, which includes “abstaining from sexual …

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How to Forgive: Ask the Experts

One thing I struggle with is how to forgive the people in my life who hurt me. I try to remember that we all make mistakes, but when someone I love does something that hurts me, I have trouble forgiving that person. I replay what happened in my mind, and …

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Humble Faith

It seems paradoxical, but sometimes doing the right thing and following all the rules can actually move you further away from loving God and loving others. One of my favorite stories illustrating this point involves Jesus going to a dinner party at the house of a Pharisee named Simon, who …

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