But I Ordered Bacon

I heard a story once about a unique interview practice of a high-level executive. When hiring someone new, the executive would take the interviewee out for breakfast as part of the interview. At the breakfast, he would ask the waiter to purposely mess up the interviewee’s breakfast order. Then he …

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Fortitude and Engaging Our Obstacles

We all experience difficulties and obstacles in our lives. Sometimes they are little, but sometimes they are big. For example, a few years ago, my good friend Jamie Aten was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. I walked with him through a very difficult and scary time in his life. He didn’t …

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4 Ways to Cope with Pain

There are not many constants in life, but one is that we will experience pain. We may not like it, but it’s part of our reality as human beings. We experience physical pain and sickness. Relationships get strained and break down. Divorces happen. The cancer test comes back positive. None …

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