How to Cope with Death: 5 Suggestions

My grandmother died last week. It wasn’t tragic or surprising. She was quite old, and her health had been declining for several years. Still, though, I felt sad about her death. There’s a finality about death that can be overwhelming. No more eating Chinese food, listening to Grandma talk to …

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5 Strategies to Accept Negative Things in Your Life

In my life lately, I’ve been working on acceptance. In the past, I’ve resisted acceptance. Acceptance seemed weak, like I was okay with failure or not being the best I could be. But as I have grown older, I have realized I do have some limitations. There are certain parts …

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What To Do When You’re Stuck in the Saturday

The season of Easter is a focal point of the Christian faith, because it marks the death and resurrection of Jesus. For Christians, the death of Jesus is associated with sacrifice and the ability to be forgiven of our sins. The resurrection of Jesus is associated with victory over death …

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