25 Lessons From Research That Can Improve Your Life

As a professor, I spend a lot of time doing research—coming up with a hypothesis, conducting an experiment, analyzing data, and writing up manuscripts. But over the years, I have realized that many lessons from research can actually change your life for the better. Here are 25 lessons I have …

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The Trouble With Feedback

Getting feedback from others can be helpful, but sometimes it can take you off course and stop you from pursuing your mission and purpose in life. This can happen irrespective of whether the feedback is positive or negative. I remember listening to a Palm Sunday sermon that talked about how Jesus remained true …

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Recently I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with psychologist Kristin Neff, who is an expert on self-compassion. I had read a little bit about self-compassion, but I was excited to get some more information from the expert. What is self-compassion? How does it work? Are there any …

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