But It’s a Sin

This blog post is Part 6 in a 12-part blog series on Christianity and justice. (If you missed the first post, you can find it here.) Specifically, we have been talking about barriers that some Christians have around engaging in justice efforts. One of the biggest struggles that some Christians …

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How Do You Make Moral Decisions About Right and Wrong?

How do you make decisions about what’s right vs. what’s wrong? How do you determine what is good and what is bad? I think this is important to think about, because I think differences in how we determine what is right/wrong or good/bad is an important reason why we are …

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Let Me Tell My Story, Then You Tell Yours

I was watching the democratic primary debate the other day, and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had a disagreement about what happened with the Wall Street bailout. They saw things differently, and started to get frustrated and interrupt each other. At one point, Hillary interrupted Bernie and said, “Tell the …

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