Wheaton College, Hazing, and The Need for Integrity

If you’re connected to the Christian education world, you have probably heard about the latest controversy to hit Wheaton College. If not, buckle your seatbelt. Five football players were charged with felonies: aggravated battery, mob action, and unlawful restraint following a hazing incident that occurred in March 2016. A freshman football …

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Integration of the Shadow

This blog post is Part 3 in a 4-part blog series on Integrated Faith. (If you missed the first blog post, you can find it here.) In this blog series, we are taking a look at aspects of our spiritual lives that might be out of step or disconnected with …

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Our Stories Should Tell the Full Truth

We each have stories about our lives, the world, and our place in it. Our stories come from a variety of sources, such as our cultural background, religious upbringing, the educational system, and our families of origin. Our stories comprise the foundation for our beliefs, values, attitudes, and life choices. Good …

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