Integration of the Shadow

This blog post is Part 3 in a 4-part blog series on Integrated Faith. (If you missed the first blog post, you can find it here.) In this blog series, I am taking a look at aspects of our spiritual lives that might be out of step or disconnected with …

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How To Talk About Politics Over the Holidays

We probably have all had the experience of getting into a fight about politics over the holidays. Maybe it’s that one relative or friend who likes to bring up the latest news cycle over Thanksgiving dinner. Like a slowly detonating bomb, before you know it, you’re red in the face, …

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What Can We Learn From Negative Emotions?

Usually when people come to counseling, they are in emotional distress. If you are struggling, you might be in that place right now. Maybe you feel depressed, down, and sad. Or perhaps you feel anxious, uptight, and nervous. You want relief from the unpleasant emotions you are experiencing. I know …

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