Blind Men, Elephants, and Theology

I was chatting with some friends about theology the other day, and I was feeling frustrated. I normally enjoy discussing various ideas about God and listening to different points of view, but this time I was struggling. Not so much with the conversation per se, but with the idea of …

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The Power of Failure to Promote Humility

Do you remember seeing the movie Titanic in theaters? It was an epic tragedy that still engages us today, even though the sinking of the Titanic occurred over 100 years ago. I bet you haven’t heard of the Olympic, which was the sister ship to the Titanic. Unlike the Titanic, …

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The Titanic and Humility Failure

I listened to a talk by Brad Owens about the importance of leader humility. He used the example of the Titanic to illustrate his point. The Titanic was a technological marvel. There had never been a ship like it. Everyone who saw the Titanic was impressed with its magnificence. In …

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