How Women Just Might Save the Church

If you explore the factors that differentiate successful societies from unsuccessful societies, one issue consistently rises to the top: the education of women. Successful societies educate their women. Unsuccessful societies don’t. You see this across the board. A society can’t survive or thrive when they only tap into half their …

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Why are Churches So Homogeneous?

Churches can be pretty homogeneous. I noticed this the other day. I sat down at my local church last Sunday morning, and happened to look around. Pretty much everyone looked like me. Most people were White, and just about everyone appeared to be upper-middle class. Why is that? Why do …

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What Can the Church Learn from Fraternities and Sororities?

The Christian church in the United States is facing a crisis. People are leaving the church and they aren’t coming back. This mass exodus away from organized religion is most prominent among young people. Several books have been written about this phenomenon, noting that many young people love Jesus but …

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